Sunday, August 26, 2007

Heat + humidity = Bad. Air conditioning? Gooood.

In a moment of weakness, the shibas decided to put aside their differences and settle in for a long summer night's nap. After yesterday's relentless heat and humidity, I'm not sure they had the energy for anything else.


Hazel said...

I know how they feel.
That heat was a BITCH.
If I was in Milford I would have been in between these two hairy Shiba's.
Good thing I never go in the car!!!!


Corey said...

Starla cannot take the heat at all. She goes outside, does a lap around the house, barks at all the neighbors, then jumps up and opens the door herself, and slams herself down on the air conditioning vent with a very dramatic "OOOOMPHHHH". This happens about 5 times a day and cracks me up every time.

Frannie said...

That's hysterical, Corey. You have to get in on video.

Rachel said...

awwww... they are sooo adorable! found my way here thru Johann... glad i did=)