Friday, August 17, 2007


Our clever pooches like to sleep under the couches because they think they're cats! But unlike cats they pop their heads out and then come running (or, in Wiley's case, it's more like squeezing, pulling, and dragging) when I call for them.

I see you, silly Sheebies!!!



Hazel said...

No one is cuter then these sheebies and I am NOT a fan of dogs.
Marcie, don't even comment on this post or my claws WILL come out!!!


Marcie said...

Sorry Hazel, not only is Luna cuter, but your mom had your claws violently ripped out at the vet. Did you repress that memory?

Hazel said...

Luna is cute, in her own way I guess, but she isn't a Shiba and they are the best.
Face it and get over it.
Oh, and keep my mama out of this.

P.S. I have my back claws...... I would LOVE to do some tatoo art on your arm!!!!

Starla said...

Quit it already. None of these bitches are as hot as I am.