Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Me, Me, Meeeeeeee!

Hi, everydog! It's me, Fievel. My barkday is in exactly TWO WEEKS and everydog knows that the birth of a princess is cause for major hooplah. So, in honor of me—fabulous ME!—I’ll be sporadically posting pictures of myself over the course of the next two weeks for all of you lucky dogs to admire. I’ll also pop in with my barkday wish lists (yup, that’s plural) and other assorted fun in honor of, you got it, ME! Let the festivities begin!

Me, 2nd day home, experimenting with the sad puppy dog eyes. (Turns the humans into silly putty, btw!)

Me, checking out my first toy under the watchful eye of a very skeptical Wiley. (My, how the tables have turned!)

Me, gracefully sleeping in the middle of Wiley's bed. (Some things never change!) Note from Mom: Wiley has slept with one eye open ever since - and, unfortunately, never from the comforts of that long-since-destroyed bed. My poor boy.

Want more Fievelicious eye-candy? Check back for more of ME as I count down to my barkday!



Hazel said...

No one would ever believe you could have turned into such a biotch from these pictures. You look like an angel!!!!
I do feel for poor Wiley.

Why do babies HAVE to grow up???

Poppy said...

Fievel, you were a very cute puppy indeed! Are you named after the mouse from than movie?


Poppy said...

oops, I mean THAT movie, not THAN movie. (American Tail)


Marcie said...

absolutely adorable. What happened to that innocent little cub?

Tadpole said...

Fievel! You started out as an adorable ball off fluff, and turned into a beautiful princess! I can't wait to see more!

2 weeks! Woot! Two weeks gives you enough time to write down everything you want, doesn't it?

Kerrio said...

It's Meg's birthday in 2 weeks too - the 19th...

Must be an auspicious day!

Johann The Dog said...

You such a cute pup! Great pics and thanks for my Gotcha Day wishes!
Woof, Johann

Corey said...

These pictures totally make me want to get another puppy. Shiba pup are adorable!!