Monday, September 10, 2007

Week in Review

Sorry it's been a while since my last post. Mom hasn't been around much and it's kinda hard to type with long nails and no thumb thingies. Why can't the humans just bark to each other? It's so much easier than this blogging stuff.

Anyroo, I kept leaving our blog up on the screen and Mom *finally* took a hint! So now she's transcribing this post as I bark it to her. She types anything I say. See? She just did it. Wiley is the best Shiba in all the land. She did it again! Rooooooo!!! This is great. Fievel is the worst Shiba in all the land and we are putting her up for adop... (Mom to Wiley: Okay, we get it. Focus!)

Okay, okay, that was fun. Back to business. So, last weekend was pretty awesome. On Saturday my best pal Maddie came over but Mom and Dad didn't take any pictures of us because Fievel and I were both so excited to see her that we wouldn't sit still long enough for a proper photo. We were so tired the next day that we slept and slept and slept. Mom was afraid at one point that we weren't breathing, so she went into the frig and grabbed the cheese and MAN did that get our Shiba butts up! She started to put the cheese into our kongs, and I was so excited that I temporarily lost my manners.

Mom was all, "Get down, Wiley!" Real serious-like! But if she was really mad that I jumped up on the counter, why did she laugh and take my picture? The humans are so transparent. But I got down because I am a gentleman at heart, and Mom rewarded me with this.

The BIGGEST, BLUEST kong in the world STUFFED WITH CHEESE! mmm!!! And now for the kicker--Fievel got the stupidest, littlest kong in the world that only holds, like, half a piece of cheese. Sweet justice!!!!

I swear, she's so oblivious she didn't even know the difference. But whatever, more cheese for me!

I know I bust on Fievel and I have every right to because she can be so mean and it's so uncalled for because I am nothing but cordial to her. But I have to admit that we've done some fun stuff together this week. It hasn't been all cheese and pawties, mind you, but regular, nice Shiba stuff. Like, on Monday we took some nappies.

And on Tuesday we told each other jokes and nearly laughed our Shiba butts off.

And on Wednesday, Fievel went so far as to steal an unsuspecting kiss. It was kinda sweet, but still totally gross and this does not mean I love her!!!

Now wait...before you get all sappy and think Fievel is changing her evil ways, let me show you what she did on Thursday.

Yup, apparently one bone isn't enough, so you-know-who stole mine and then hoarded it with hers on her couch. We got in a fight a few minutes later and that made Mom mad and sad so she confiscated both of the bones and then we both got nothing. This makes ME mad and sad because Mom should just confiscate Fievel and be done with it.

Anyroo, that's my week in review. Our Mom has been checking your blogs and keeping us updated on everything you've been up to. It sounds like everydog is having a great week, except for Tadpole who got a totally weird 'do. (Tad: What was up with that? I hope it's back to normal now!)

Crap, I better run . . . Fievel is barking at something outside and I have a house to protect.

More soon,


Linda ( Livi's grandma) said...

oh my God, Frannie,
I wish I had a dog to 'bark back' to your Shiba's...
I have 2 cats......hmmmmm...
what would happen if they wrote to them...?

2shibas said...

Linda - when did you get another cat? Last time I checked Miss Prizzy was ruling the joint. Are you cat-sitting bean while Marcie is in Latvia?

Hazel said...

Where is Marcie? Really, did she go to Latvia? Is that really a country or just an exotic drink??
Oh, I forgot why I came on here. I got involved in my Marcie (whom I miss so much but please don't tell her).
Wiley, you are getting so good at your posts and stories that I think you should just publish your own book! It will be a best seller and for a CAT (we are so SUPERIOR) to say that you know it was a good read.
You do need to kick Fievel to the curb though. That girl is just a bratty little biotch!!!!

tad said...

Well, I have a soft spot in my heart for Fievel, so I'm gonna wait on passing judgement until I hear her side....

But I'm very glad you're cordial to her, Wiley. :-)

Corey said...

Great pictures of the pups this week! I like the one where they are "laughing". It cracks me up to think that maybe they really were. I've never given Starla a Kong. Maybe we'll get one this weekend.

Linda ( Livi and Claire's grandmom) :) said...

Oh My God, Corey, never given a kong with peanut butter - where have you been?? Even I have done that and I have 2 cats...
speaking of 2 cats, Frannie..
One of them just appeared here about 2 years ago.. it is a strange cat, I can't tell if it is a girl or a boy, but it has never gotten pregnant, so may it is a boy, or maybe... oh well, never mind.. it thinks it lives here and we feed it and bring it in, in the winter - but Miss Prizzy is infuriated!! :)
Marcie is still in Latvia, drunk, I suppose! ;-)

Linda ( luna & starla's grandmom, too) said...

and where is Bean????

Luckie Girl said...

Gee, maybe I should be glad I don't have siblings!! LOL!!
Nice meeting you guys..I am a friend of Tad. :)

Ferndoggle said...

That sounds like a very busy week! Sherman pulls that "I'm gonna steal all of the stuff & keep it for myself game". And sometimes he just runs up to me & takes it while I'm chewing. Mom gets really mad at him when he does that so now he's tethered to something so he can't be a big creep-O.


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