Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday: The Mystery Deepens

I was waiting for Sir or Madame Friday to arrive so I could put a face with the name and get some tips on the whole "power-over-humans" thing. I looked out the window all day for him/her to show up, but this was all I saw.

I was so tired from all the waiting, so I took a nap . . . just to rest my eyes.

And since Fievel likes to copy me, she took a nap, too.

I forgot to set an alarm and we totally overslept. By the time we woke up, Sir or Madame Friday had already come and gone! And it looked like this outside!

WTD? Friday's powers can make the humans bonkers with joy *and* it can bring snow? I'm telling you . . . it's getting more mysterious by the minute.


(Pee Ess: I exercised a little artistic freedom here. The snow picture was taken tonight, but the autumnal picture was actually taken on October 5th. Friday is powerful, but not so powerful that it can take the leaves off the trees *and* make it snow all in one day! Or can it? Hmmmm.)


Kerrio said...

Holy POODLES! (or is that holy shibas?) SNOW!

Good thing you guys have thick fur coats :-)

Snogs etc

Hazel said...

We got snow too Wiley!!!! In the middle of the night there was all this noise and it woke me and my mom up. We both jumped up (no, I jumped she groaned) and we went to the sliding door and looked out and saw SNOW PLOWS!!!!! Is this supposed to happen the beginning of November??? Wiley, I am so confused. My mom had the air on 2 weeks ago???? Help me to understand Wiley, please.........
I love your pictures by the way...
You and EVEN FIEVEL look adorable all snuggly on the couch...

Sparky said...

Snow!!! Oh, how I wish we had snow! It's cold over here, but it hasn't snowed yet.


Anonymous said...

WOW check out that snow!! HM doesn't think I'll ever get to see snow where I live so it's great to see your photos instead :)


ChaChi Lu said...

WOWIE! We haven't seen snow yet...only frost!

Now we are really excited.

ChaChi and Jet