Friday, January 27, 2006

Living on a Permanent "Time Out"

Dad didn't have to work today but he got up really early, as usual. But...not early enough to catch me peeing on the carpet. So when he took me out at 5:00 a.m. I didn't have to go! He kept making me go back outside but I had nothing! The snow was so cold on my paws and it didn't help that "Prince Wiley" peed and (once again) made me look bad. When Dad *finally* brought us in he attached my leash to the baby gate so I couldn't get to the carpet. He kept me there all by myself while Wiley pranced around the house eating MY food and playing with MY toys!!! Mom called from work and I heard Dad telling her all about it. I wonder if she'll try to get home early to rescue me.... -Fievel


Lauren said...

Oh, she'll rescue you alright! Then you'll make her look like a sucker when you immediately piss on the floor again. Why can't you learn a thing or two from my boyfriend, Wiley?

Bean said...

piss on his bath towel. That's what I do...

Anonymous said...

Bean said piss on his bath towel???
Bean said this?????
WTF is all I can say!!!!
I am still shaking my head.