Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New Year, New Bones to Pick

Mom went shopping over the weekend and bought new coasters to replace all of the ones Fievel ate. Well, Mom put them on the coffee table and before she even threw away the receipt, Fievel took one under the couch and added it to the stash of things she shouldn't be eating. Dad caught her and BOY did he yell! She pretended to be remorseful but as soon as he walked away she was laughing and scratching her belly. Dad moved the coasters out of her reach, but I have a feeling she's spending the day in her crate plotting and scheming to find a way to get to them. When will she grow up?



Chloe said...

Poor Wiley. Sounds like you have your paws full with that wench.
Best of luck.

Lauren said...

Dear Wiley,
Just for the record, I laughed to myself when mommy and I were shopping and she bought the new coasters. As if that little bitch wasn't going to go to town on those too.

tldevlin said...

who the hell do these talking dogs belong to ????