Monday, August 13, 2007

Is August the New October?

Mom kept telling us that it looks like October in Hoboken, where she goes to work every day so she can buy us goodies and bones. She took some pictures so we could see first-paw.

Oh, yeah! It looks like all the trees on the edge of the pier have lost their leaves!

This is a far away view of the park where Mom told us she spends her lunch hours reading and talking on the phone with Aunt Marcie. It looks like some of those trees are turning yellow, too!

Look! That's Mom's building! It looks like those trees are very dead!

We're happy Mom doesn't work over there anymore. (And look at the dead tree branch in the corner of the picture!)

Does it look like October where you are? Send us some pictures!

Wiley & Fievel


Marcie said...

Still summer here. But I must admit, I miss the 'Boken. Sitting outside with a beer and breathing in the sweet summer smell of the hudson... aahhh.

Corey said...

I waiting for the day you have a Monica sighting. She is usually all over that town.