Friday, August 10, 2007

Not So Quacktastic

In a moment of weakness, I contacted the breeder about the adorable female sesame shiba in question. I told myself that it was just for shizz and giggles, but deep down I had already named her Fiona, decorated her shiba nursery (aka crate) in pinks and greens, and conceptualized an adorable Christmas card (picture Wiley, Fievel, and Fiona dressed up as 3 Caroling Christmas Mice). And then...

The breeder responded to my email and told me that Fiona is, in fact, a boy. And his name is Donald Duck. WTF?


Wiley & Fievel's Mom


Anonymous said...


I still think you should bring home the quacker!!!!!

Hugs and kisses (and some hisses)

Hazel E. Fox

Anonymous said...

Phun Knee!!!!

Marcie said...

have you changed your mind based on the fact that it's a boy named Donald Duck? You could call him "The Donald"

Corey said...

Hence the stuffed duck pictured in his crate?