Friday, August 31, 2007

Theeeeeeee YANKEES WIN!!!!!!

The Yankees swept the Red Sox!!! I'm not sure exactly what that means . . . something about a broom and a pair of Dad's socks? All I know for sure is that it didn't involve the vacuum (I'll get you one of these days, Mr. Dyson!) and Daddy was in a very good mood, so we were both happy!

On another high note, I heard Mom and Dad talking about how they're going to be home for THREE WHOLE DAYS because it's some kind of howl-iday this weekend. You know what that means . . . lots of cuddling, lots of running in the yard, and (keep your paws crossed) LOTS OF CHEESE!!!




Chlor said...

That is the CUTEST picture of Wiley that I have EVER SEEN!!!!!
I just LOVE IT!!!!


Tadpole said...

I sure don't know about yankees, but I DO know that the CUBS won last night!!! Woo hoo! They're in first place! This is the year! ;-)