Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's that time of the month again!

Ewwwwww, no!!! Not that! You have sick, sick minds, people!

We're talking about heartworm pills!!! On the first day of every month, Mommy and Daddy give us heartworm pills to keep us healthy. They don't really taste that good, but since we're so competitive with food we'll eat anything they give us just so the other one can't get it.

Go on, everydog, remind your people to give you your monthly pill so we can all be healthy and stay friends for a really, really long time.

Peace out for now,
Wiley & Fievel


ChaChi Lu said...

Thank you for the reminder...we must be on the same schedule!

`ChaChi and Jet

We like ours in a babyfood (toddler) hot dog!

Hazel said...

We cats have no need of these pills because we are superior beings!!!
But I am happy to see that you silly sheebies have made a game of it. Your parents are lucky you guys are so competitive!!!