Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We Had a Sleepover Pawdy with Maddie!

Uncle Brett and Maddie came over on Saturday night for a sleepover pawdy! We had such a good time!

First, we sniffed her butt!

Then we kissed her!

But according to Mom, we annoyed her a little bit because we "wouldn't leave her alone."

So Maddie told us to go away and she took a nap. What can we say? She must not be able to keep up with us shibas!

It's no wonder! Neither can her dad!

We love you, Maddie and Uncle Brett! We hope to see you again soon!

Wiley & Fievel


Hazel said...

I don't understand the whole butt sniffing routine that you guys do!
It is really gross and is what keeps you guys from being as superior as we cats are!!!!
Get over your asses, PLEASE.


Starla said...

Sounds like something Maddie's daddy did to my mom years ago.

Corey said...

Starla is just kidding of course. That silly dog of mine.

Frannie said...

Brett sniffed your butt before he kissed you? You never told us *that* part, Corey! hahahaha. Starla, your mom is whack!

Marcie said...

Seriously Core, what is that all about? You never know what will happen at an Anything for Money mixer.

That last picture of Brett really demonstrates how us humans start to look like our pets.

Frannie said...

Seriously, Marcie. Did anyone else notice that there is a bone next to his head? And yes, he really was sleeping.

Hazel said...

Wait a minute here!

Maddie's daddy kissed Corey + sniffed her butt???? Or just sniffed her butt???? Or KISSED her?????
Come on guys. Let's hear the story!!


Starla said...

I really need to stop drinking wine and posting on random blogs. My mom is mortified right now.