Tuesday, October 09, 2007

It's Finger Lakin' Good (to be home)!

Whew. The people are finally back! They were smart enough to leave us with our best pal Maddie and her human dad, Uncle Brett. We received 5-star treatment (complete with steak and chicken hot-off-the-grill each night) but it only sort of lessened the blow when we found out where Mommy and Daddy were all week. They went to this place they love called the Finger Lakes in Upstate New York and stayed at this rockin' mansion without us!

Can you believe them? Check out the view from their balcony!

They went to a bunch of wineries and drank barrels of that gross red water that smells like paint thinner. I won't waste pictures on that . . . but listen to this. They cheated on us! Apparently they became "friends" with a stray cat who lives at the mansion and they fed her FILET MIGNON and SEAFOOD and BREAD! Look at it...so deviously licking its lips...

We totally would have loved chasing that little rat all over the patio. Ugh. And as if that weren't bad enough, they got to play with OTHER DOGS at some of the wineries! What do we look like? Chopped liver? (Mmmmm...chopped liver...)

Isn't this guy's coat totally awesome? It looks manly and sporty. Like me!

Seriously, another cat?!?! They're killing me!

Whoa...wait a minute. They saw horsies, too? Everydog knows they are one of my faaaaavorite things!!!

These mysterious Finger Lakes are looking more and more like they're fit for a shiba! For real - look at the sky! It looks like a stuffie exploded all over it. I totally would have killed to roll around in that!

Holy crap! The Finger Lakes are so cool, even human statues leave Pee-Mail! Remind me again why we couldn't come?

Oh, wait a minute...what does that sign say?

Yikes...I don't think this statue is leaving Pee-Mail anytime soon. Is this what happens to dogs who stay too long in the Finger Lakes? Hmmm...maybe we don't want to go?!?!

Okay, never mind...we don't care about the cool stuff we didn't get to see. We are just happy that we are still of flesh and blood and totally capable to leave Pee-mails whenever and wherever possible. (Fievel would like to stress the wherever part.)

I was so excited to see my people and get back to my house. I looked like this the whole ride home - sniffing in the familiar smells and just excited beyond words!

Fivel's totally clueless and probably didn't even know we were going home, so she looked like this.

But alas, we are HOME! Mommy and Daddy keep saying we're acting like we have hangovers. I guess I have been kinda tired.

Fievel, too.

What can we say? It's good to be home.



Kerrio said...

Tell your humans how tiring it is to stay at home and worry about them.

The only way for them to help you get over it is more steaks from the bbq!

Hazel said...

Welcome home Wiley and Fievel!!!
It pains me to admit but I did miss you guys. You know that I just LOVE reading your blog and leaving my superior comments.
Your humans rock and realize that
"dogs drool and CATS RULE"!!!!!
I like the feline friends they made.

Ferndoggle said...

Wow! That place looks amazing (minus the cats). Mom loves that stinky red water & is going to check it out for there vacation next year.

Good to have the folks home, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back guys!! Sounds like staying behind may have been a good thing!!


A&S said...

oh yes, it is so tiring to stay away from home. we have to be so much more alert, and there's more to take care of, you know. why didn't they take you with them? maybe you should ask for filet mignon!!
akira & shiro

Starla said...

Wow. Your family is fancy. Mansions? Steak at Uncle Brett's? My mom & dad went away and stayed at something called a Comfort Inn and left me at Aunt Marcie's. I ate Purina, got called "Starlo" by some little blonde girl, and was chased all day by Luna. You Shibas have it made.
p.s. Apparently Maddie didn't sniff your butts this time?

Sparky said...

Welcome back Wiley and Fievel! I missed you guys. It looks like your humans had a fun time away, and the sight from the balcony of the mansion is beautiful! I must say that I am jealous as well. And those cats... oh, I would have given anything to chase them!


Poppy said...

Vacation sans shibas? How dare they!? Did they at least bring you presents?