Thursday, November 22, 2007

I worked hard for the hard for the turkey...

Thanksgiving was at MY HOUSE this year, which meant we had to work. My mom was assigned to cooking the turkey, Dad was assigned to the carving the turkey, and I was assigned to quality control.

Yup, Grandpa is satisfied with his meal. (Are you sure, Grandpa? Do you want my input before you give your final answer?)

Grammy is satisfied, too. (Really, Grammy? I can help you decide if it's juicy and tender enough before you give your final answer?!?!)

I wasn't sure if our guests were just telling me what I wanted to hear so I could submit a satisfactory report to my Project Manager. So, I decided to inspect the turkey myself, just to be safe. I didn't want to mess up my first assignment as Quality Control Specialist, after all!

Yeah, I guess it met my standards and held up to all codes.

I phoned in my report to my Project Manager and promptly punched in my time card before taking a long, much-needed nap. This working stuff isn't as easy as it looks!

I hope all of our American pup and human friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Pee Ess: Fievel did absolutely nothing to contribute, yet Mom gave her a plate of turkey anyway. WTD?


Sophie Brador said...

Wiley, That looked scrumptious. I really wish it was Thanksgiving in Canada. I may not get fed again until Christmas.


p.s. Yes, I think you should Twitter too. Why should your mom get all the fun?

Simba said...

So you did all the work and everyone reeped the rewards.

Simba xx

Maggie & Mitch said...

We can see that you did work your butt off, Wiley! That plate of turkey with gravy looked just wonderful!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm that looks like some seriously good turkey - those humans are lucky you were there to give it the seal of approval though!


Comet and BLU said...

Wiley - good job doing quality control. But what about the potatoes, and stuffing, and dessert? Who verified that they were at the highest standards?

Hate to tell you this, but we think they made Fievel your supervisor - you do all the work and she gets the credit.

Glad you had a happy thanksgiving.

Comet and BLU

Sparky said...

Whew, you really licked that plate clean! Good job! I wish I could have some!


Ginger said...

Nice job, Wiley. Great follow-up and attention to detail! You deserved every lick! There was no baking or cooking in my house yesterday as my people went to some friends house for dinner, although they came back with a doggy bag full of turkey. Somehow I couldn't convince my people that since it was in a doggy bag, the contents belong to ME!

Nubbin wags

Hazel said...

You did a great job Wiley but I agree with Comet and Blu. I think Fievel is your supervisor, you just don't know it!!
Great pictures though and I am proud of the job you did on that plate! Extremely impressive!!!

ChaChi Lu said...

Now THAT looks like a perfect turkey dinner! I am sure you are giving THANKS for your humans!

~ChaChi LU

Harry said...

Mmm, I am drooling here,that looked scrumptious!

Toodle pip,
Harry x

Petra said...

I am totally impressed with all of the hard work you did. Good job!

Simba said...

Good Job Wiley! You lucky dog! I only get to sniff the good stuff like that!

and I'm a bit bigger than a Shiba (about 17" and 24lbs!)

You guys look a lot bigger in your photos too!!



Alex said...

Hi Wiley & Fievel, it looks like you've had a nice Thanksgiving!

Too bad we don't celebrate this in Germany. I think I would love it.

Ricky Pepper said...

We had turkey too. And then 2 out of 5 of us vomited. The other 3 did not. Quality issue? I think not. Most likely, Chloe and Teddy ate something ELSE that they shouldn't have...haah!

Gussie said...

Mmmmmm. Turkey. Roll on Christmas.